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If you want to understand what the Foreign Service is really all about, there’s no better place to learn than from the spouses of today’s diplomatic practitioners. SUN, a newsletter circulated privately among an extensive network of creative, thoughtful, and sometimes rebellious Foreign Service spouses around the world, provides extraordinary insight into the thinking and feelings of some of the most remarkable, resourceful, and resiliant people you’ve ever come across. You’ll learn from them that life in the diplomatic trenches is not a bed of roses. Rather, it’s an almost non-stop series of challenges, frustrations, and heartbreak — leavened mercifully by some of the most exciting and rewarding experiences one could ask for in any walk of life, anywhere. Read about SUN, learn how you can subscribe and join in their discussions, and check out the FS spouses’ underground website too. (And don’t miss the “Life in the Foreign Service” piece contributed by one of those spouses, Kelly Midura, in the present issue of American Diplomacy. [DETAILS]


The Department of State has released its last microfiche supplement documenting the foreign policy of the John F. Kennedy administration. This is the final microfiche publication of a series planned by the Department of State to augment the printed Foreign Relations of the United States series. This microfiche presents documentation supplementing three Foreign Relations volumes on the Kennedy administration: Volume X, Cuba, 1961-1962, Volume XI, The Cuban Missile Crisis and Aftermath, and Volume XII, American Republics. [DETAILS]

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