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June 1999

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                         The SUN (Spouses’ Underground Newsletter), focuses on the challenges of overseas life. It’s published three times a year and is chock full of anecdotes, articles, opinions, Real Post Reports, poetry, satire, and meaningless bits of information. Virtually every item in the SUN is written by diplomatic or expat spouses. We’re not glossy...but we’re real. For a sample copy, e-mail spouse@thesun.org

We also have a new website! Please take a peek at www.thesun.org. There you will find lots of resources and utilities — how to order stamps, how to convert your American shoe size to the local size, what it’s really like to live in Honduras, Taipei, Kathmandu and other posts, links to newspapers, college scholarship info, etc. You will also find information on how to suscribe to our free satire of Foreign Service life, the e-zine SCUM, and how to join our e-mail group
solarpower and discuss Foreign Service and other issues.

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