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Other recent 'Life' pieces in American Diplomacy:

Peter Bridges wrote of learning the ropes in Embassy Panama, 1959-1961, in Beginning a Diplomatic Career; "Our orientation class had been told a little about protocol and how to prepare travel vouchers ... but no one had impressed on us that the President and Secretary of State needed succinct reporting and effective representation of American views and policies." [Summer 1999]

Kelly Midura described A Trip Back in Time to the ancient town of Copacabana perched high in the Andes on the shores of crystal-clear Lake Titicaca: "Wrapped up against the chilly wind coming off the lake we watched an enormous sun setting over a timeless scene of traditional totora reed boats tying up for the night." [Summer 1999]

In Many Faces of Christmas, Francis Underhill described his first Christmas abroad, in Spain: "There were stern editorials in the Bilbao newspaper condemning the increasingly popular Christmas tree. It was, the paper said, a pagan, Germanic custom out of place in any decent Christian home." [Summer 1999]


Commentary on Current Issues

Medical Encounters in Cuba, Late 1990’s
Doctors for Dollars

“A signal passed through the deputy principal officer's dim and humid living room. Our hostess stood up. ‘Let’s go outside and look at the flowers,’ she suddenly suggested. The ten or so other spouses assembled for a community meeting began to file out into the scalding embrace of the sun. One of the wives, a veteran of diplomatic life in Cuba, stopped in front of my chair. ‘You want to look at the flowers,’ she insisted. Finally she pointed to the ceiling, in a gesture I would come to know all too well. Oh. The microphones. I reluctantly followed. [FULL TEXT]

PLUS: An AD Follow-Up interview with author Linderman about medical conditions in present-day Cuba. [FULL TEXT]

Port-au-Prince (Haiti) – le 14 avril 1972
Une Visite au Foyer “Alice Garoute” à Cazeau

“Aujourd’hui, pendant qu’elle me conduisait dans sa voiture au foyer ‘Alice Garoute’ à Cazeau, j’ai demandé à Mademoiselle Solanges Dominique si elle était apparentée a la famille du gendre de feu président à vie de la republique. Non, m’a-t-elle répondu sur un petit ton dédaigneux. Cette famille-là on n’en avait pas entendu parler ici avant 1956. Mademoiselle Dominique est une mûlatresse.[FULL TEXT]

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