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February 2000

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News ande Important Announcements
Warburg 2000 Conference
 Simmons to Host Global Security Conference February 29
Professor Stanley Hoffman and a half-dozen veteran diplomats and journalists will address issues of U.S. and global security at the turn of the century at a day-long Warburg 2000 conference at Simmons College in Boston February 29. Gwen Ifill, a Simmons alumna, will moderate the morning session, and former UN Undersecretary General Erik Jensen will chair the afternoon discussions. Speakers will include journalist Elizabeth Pond and former U.S. ambassadors Robert White, Monteagle Stearns, Harry Barnes, and Frank Crigler.

For further information, contact the conference secretary at (617) 521-2571 or by email at warburg@simmons.edu; or log onto the conference website at www.simmons.edu/programs/depts/polisci/index.html .

Foundations Award American Diplomacy
Two Operating Grants

Recent grants from two philanthropic foundations have enabled this journal to expand its operations, enrich its offerings, and reach a much broader online audience.

  • The Mary Duke Biddle Foundation of Durham NC awarded the journal $3,500 in September 1999 to defray costs of advertising its site to potential readers and upgrading its Internet connection.
  • The Nelson B. Delavan Foundation of Washington DC contributed $10,000 in December 1999 in recognition of the journal's efforts to improve understanding of “the important role of diplomacy in America's national interest.”

The Board of Directors of American Diplomacy Publishers (the journal's parent organization), together with its Editor and Publisher, take this opportunity to express their special gratitude to both benefactors for their confidence in American Diplomacy. Their donations—along with those of many individual readers—have literally made it possible for the journal to survive and renew its commitment to better understanding of diplomacy's importance to international relations.


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    Great News for American Diplomacy Readers
    Now American Diplomacy will benefit each time you buy a book online!

Readers can now order books, music, and other materials directly from the pages of American Diplomacy by clicking on a Barnes & Noble icon like the one shown here. And because this journal is a non-profit Book Benefits partner, Barnes & Noble will share a portion of the royalties on each referred sale from our site with American Diplomacy. So please bookmark this page and return here whenever you order books—any books—online! Your purchase will help support this journal and contribute to international understanding.

Amb. William C. HarropFormer State Department IG Joins American Diplomacy Board

Ambassador William C. Harrop, one of America's most distinguished senior diplomats, was elected to the board of American Diplomacy Publishers on January 12. In addition to serving as Department of State Inspector General, Harrop served as U.S. Ambassador to Guinea, Kenya, Seychelles, Zaire and Israel and was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Africa. He holds the State Department Distinguished Honor Award and the Presidential Distinguished Service Award. He retired from government service in May, 1993, and now devotes himself to “awakening this country to the role of diplomacy in its national interest.”

Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide Debuts New Website

Foreign Service Lifelines, the first web site exclusively for Foreign Service family members, was adopted by AAFSW in mid-1999. Since then, the original site has been expanded and completely redesigned. Now located at www.aafsw.org, the site is more attractive, easier to navigate, and quicker to download. Viewers may read about many AAFSW activities and services on the site, with more to be added in upcoming months. [DETAILS]


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