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  • Civilian Control of the Military,
    by Richard H. Kohn

    Professor Kohn of the University of North Carolina at Chapel, in an extended essay, addresses the question of ensuring civilian authority over the military in a democratic system. He cites the problems that such control poses today and explains why it matters, especially in the context of increased military influence in the United States.

    "[T]he most important institution supporting civilian control must be the military itself."
  • Policing a Disorderly World,
    by T. Frank Crigler.
    Ambassador Crigler, who spent twelve years as a diplomat in central Africa, discusses the challenges to American leadership raised by genocidal conflicts in remote corners of the world. Drawing upon his own experience as U. S. envoy to Rwanda, he asks why the tragedy in that country was allowed to happen, especially given that international peace-makers were active there in 1994 at the time of the outbreak of ethnic conflict.
    "How is the United States to avoid taking matters into its own hands. . . if the multinational institutions fail to do the job?"

  • Terrorism: Its Cause and Cure,
    by Curtis F. Jones.

    In a provocative formulation, a senior U. S. diplomat with decades of experience abroad sets forth the thesis that, in an imperfect world, terrorist acts as an expression of protest against political, economic, and social injustice should be expected. Most anti-American violence, notably in the Middle East, results from U. S. policies, and the nation's choices in reacting lie between retaliation and negotiation.

    "Taking whatever action is feasible, the United States has an obligation to lead the campaign to reduce international violence."

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