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The Reader's Forum is no longer supported at this website.

Welcome to the American Diplomacy

Reader's Forum

With the present issue, we inaugurate a department designed to give readers an opportunity to become more immediately involved in world issues than is possible through print media. Clicking on the yellow button below will open a link to our new Reader's Forum where readers may register their own views about the topics raised by journal authors. Since comments are posted immediately, others may read them and respond at once instead of waiting for the next quarterly issue to appear. We hope the result will be an interesting and fruitful stream of discussion about those topics.

PLEASE JOIN IN THE DISCUSSION. You are welcome to comment on the author's arguments or present your own views of the subject. Kindly do so within the bounds of diplomatic decorum. You may join a discussion thread already posted or begin a new one. You need not identify yourself, but you are encouraged to do so in order for others to make reference to your remarks more clearly.

Please note: The discussion boards are provided with the support of our sponsors at the University of North Carolina and were designed for academic use. So please interpret the word "course" to mean "American Diplomacy" wherever necessary.

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