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Prof. Morris's article is divided into these linked sections:

I. Introduction

II. The Context of Genocide

III. Justice in the Wake of Genocide
  A. The ICTR
  B. National Justice

IV. The Trials of Concurrent Jurisdiction

V. Conclusion

VI. End Notes



Madeline H. Morris


Professor Madeline Morris has served as advisor on justice to the President of Rwanda since 1995 and participated in the drafting of the Rwandan special legislation for the handling of genocide-related cases. A professor of law at Duke University since 1990, she earned degrees at Yale College and Yale Law School. Among her publications are the following:

  • "Justice After Genocide: Rwanda" forthcoming in War Crimes: The Legacy of Nuremburg (Ed. Belinda Cooper).
  • "International Guidelines Againt Impunity: Facilitating Accountability," Vol 59, Law & Contemporary Problems, p. 29 (1996).
  • "By Force of Arms: Race, War and Military Culture," Vol 45, Duke Law Journal, p. 651 (1996)

    The author is grateful for comments on earlier drafts of this Article by Payam Akhavan, Amy Chua, Richard Goldstone, Donald Horowitz, Elin Jonsdottir, Benedict Kingsbury, Dino Lorenzini, Gladys Rothbell, Sheldon Rothbell and Scott Silliman.

    © Copyright 1997 by Madeline H. Morris

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