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In this issue of American Diplomacy, retired Ambassador Richard Matheron reports on the unusual duty of overseeing elections in Bosnia during the fall of 1997. His recountal of the electoral modalities presents a unique perspective of the tortured politics of that part of the Balkans. First he gives us an overview and conclusions, then a personal day-to-day diary of his experience. -- Ed.

 ·  Overview

 ·  A Personal Diary

 ·  ABOUT Richard Matheron


Richard C. Matheron

The author began his diplomatic career with the Marshall Plan in Paris shortly after graduating from the University of California at Berkeley in 1948 and later was posted in Vietnam. Matheron became a U.S. Foreign Service officer in 1957. Following African studies at UCLA in 1960, Matheron served at Lagos, Yaounde, Kinshasa, Bukavu, Ouagadougou, Antananrivo, Addis Ababa, and finally as ambassador to Swaziland from 1979 to 1982. After assignment as a senior Foreign Service inspector, he retired to California in 1986.

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