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Commentary on Current Issues:

Life in the Foreign Service:

by Robert H. Dorff
by Matthew M. Oyos
by Ole R. Holsti

Commentary on Current Issues:

Life in the Foreign Service:

Commentary on Current Issues:

The Money Crunch

America's Eroding Foreign Affairs
  • Tim Zimmerman,
Does State Still Matter?
  • CFR/Brookings Report,
Financing Leadership, Protecting Interests
  • Madeleine Albright,
We Need the Finest

Also in this issue:

  • Keith Moon,
The New Russia: Thanksgiving 1996

Life in the Foreign Service:

  • Roy Melbourne,
Japan at War: Kobe and the Exchange
  • Francis Underhill,
Advice to a Fledging Diplomat
  • Ed Williams,
Cold War Diplomatic Negotiations: A Personal Recollection
  • Jack Nixon,
Les Homosexuels du Foreign Service

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