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Triangle Institute for Security Studies

Furthering the interest of scholars in issues of national security for nearly four decades, the Triangle Institute for Security Studies, T.I.S.S., is a joint effort sponsored by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Duke University, and North Carolina State University.

For many years funded by the Ford Foundation, and known as the Triangle Universities Security Seminar (TUSS), the organization sponsors seminars, conferences, and informal meetings of scholars and those interested in a wide range of security issues. The latter questions incorporate, among others, problems in diplomacy, political science, history, the physical sciences, law, philosophy, anthropology, religion, sociology, and communication studies. T.I.S.S. draws its participation from hundreds of scholars and students in these disciplines, as well as former diplomats, military officers, and others concerned with such issues.

T.I.S.S. has greatly facilitated the establishment of a web site for American Diplomacy and continues to afford assistance not only in the technical aspects of the journal, but in its substance. Clearly, however, the T.I.S.S. Executive Committee bears no responsibility for views set forth in its articles or commentaries.

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