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March 2001

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Diplomatic Oral History Program

The Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training, Arlington, VA, announces the availability of a CD-ROM titled Frontline Diplomacy: The U. S. Foreign Affairs Oral History Collection.

It will prove to be a valuable research tool.

Join U. S. diplomats on the front lines of the crises and issues that the United States faced during much of the twentieth century! Edited by Marilyn Bentley and Marie Warner, this CD-ROM contains the transcripts of 893 individual histories, plus forty-eight country-specific "readers" that describe in detail the great events and everyday struggles of U. S. diplomats in a changing world.

The powerful search engine (included) takes you to where the persons or subjects are to be found in the thousands of pages of transcripts. Research that could consume hours now takes only minutes or seconds. (Note: For PC; requires Windows 3.1 or higher.)

For further information, contact Charles Stuart Kennedy at telephone (703) 302-6990 or fax (703) 302-6799, or visit the web site http://www.adst.org

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