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August 2003

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Supporting American Diplomacy

American Diplomacy depends on donations to cover the costs of publication, which will exceed $12,000 this year. Each member of our board of directors contributes what he or she can to keep American Diplomacy alive, but in order to meet expenses (internet fees, webmaster charges, office supplies, etc.) we must also attract foundation support and contributions from our readers.

In the past a few modest foundation grants have filled the gap between our needs and the contributions we have received from individuals. This year the Delavan Foundation of Washington, D.C., has made a special offer, informing us that it will match individual donations to American Diplomacy up to a total of $6,000. Meeting that challenge would enable us to continue operations another year.

Thus this special appeal to our readers: if you find American Diplomacy interesting and useful, I hope you will consider supporting it with a contribution. Any amount you can afford will be appreciated, and you can be assured it will be used only to pay for our essential expenses (we are a bare-bones operation, staffed by volunteers).

Also bear in mind that we are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) policy information and education non-profit corporation. Contributions are exempt from U.S. income taxes. If you are able to help us please make your check payable to American Diplomacy Publishers and forward it to

American Diplomacy Publishers
P.O. Box 3114
Chapel Hill, NC 27515.

Whether or not you can contribute, we hope you will continue to visit this web site.

R. Bartlett Moon
Foreign Service officer, Ret.

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