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May 2011

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New Editor Assumes Duties with Next Issue

Csaba T. Chikes, American Diplomacy’s new editor, will assume his duties with the next issue of the journal in mid-September following our traditional summer hiatus.

Csaba Chikes

Csaba Chikes is a retired Senior Foreign Service officer whose U. S. Information Agency (USIA) career focused on Western Europe and the Warsaw Pact countries. Washington assignments included Chief of Publications, and – during the collapse of the Iron Curtain - USIA’s counterpart to the Department of State’s Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for European Affairs, with oversight of USIA posts in the Soviet Union, Central and Southern Europe. He has an M.A. and is ABD in American Studies from Emory University, with scant probability of degree completion due to the ongoing heavenward passage of his dissertation committee members throughout the years since the fall of 1971, when he departed the Emory campus for the Foreign Service.


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