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It's Never Just the Economy, Stupid
By Brian T. Kennedy,  President of the Claremont Institute
Text: www.hillsdale.edu/news/imprimis/archive/issue.asp?year=2011&month=01
Reviewed by Francis P. Sempa, Contributing Editor

In a recent speech at Hillsdale College, Brian Kennedy focused on three major threats to U.S. national security that, he claims, are being ignored, neglected, misunderstood or underrated by our political and defense establishment: domestic and international Islamic jihadism; China's military rise; and our aging nuclear deterrent.

Radical Islam, according to Kennedy, is a serious domestic threat as well as an existential international threat. We must understand those Muslims, both here and abroad, "who actively seek the destruction of America." He identified domestic Islamic organizations, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, the Council on American Islamic Relations, and the Islamic Society of North America, who are endeavoring to weaken the United States from within. Meanwhile, the radical Islamic rulers of Iran and their allies throughout the Muslim world seek to acquire nuclear weapons and dream of a world-dominant  Islamic Caliphate.

China, he said, is engaged on a massive military build-up designed to lessen and eventually exclude U.S. influence in the East Asia-Pacific region. The Chinese have developed weapons that threaten the U.S. Seventh Fleet. Kennedy also noted, ominously, that Chinese strategic literature repeatedly depicts the U.S. as a declining power.

Kennedy's final point was that the Obama Administration's frenzied pursuit of arms control, including its apparent willingness to forego a significant ballistic missile defense program, is rendering our strategic deterrent unreliable and leaving us vulnerable to Chinese, Russian, and rogue state ballistic missiles.


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