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Sovereignty or Submission
By John Fonte, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute
Text: http://www.fpri.org/enotes/2011/201110.fonte.sovereignty.html
Reviewed by Francis P Sempa, Contributing Editor

According to John Fonte, in a recent "book talk" at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, we are in the midst of an "epic world-wide political and ideological conflict between the forces of global governance . . . and the liberal democratic nation-state." The outcome of that conflict, Fonte contends, will determine whether the United States will rule itself or be ruled by others.

The forces of global governance, Fonte said, believe that the nation-state is outmoded; that global problems require global solutions. They want the end of the Westphalian international system that since 1648 (the end of the Thirty Years War) has been based on the sovereignty of the nation-state. It is to be replaced by "political transnationalism" in which a global government can intrude into the domestic affairs of a country.

Fonte stated that this process has already begun in the European Union and with the International Criminal Court (ICC). He noted that the ICC is busy collecting evidence on alleged war crimes committed by U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan. Some Western elites, he contends, have "problematized patriotism," and consider themselves as citizens of the world rather than citizens of their country. Their primary goal, he said, is the establishment of a global rule of law, where a country's laws are subordinate to global law.


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