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August 2012

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The Donkey, the Camel and the Facebook Scam: How the Muslim Brotherhood Conquered Egypt and Conned the World
by Dr. Raymond Stock, journalist, biographer, linguist, translator, biographer, Guggenheim Fellow
Reviewed by Norvell B. DeAtkine

A scholar and twenty-year resident of Cairo, Dr. Stock has written the most illuminating short description one is likely to find on the rise to power of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Unsurprisingly he takes strong issue with those who find reasons to believe all is well in Egypt and that democracy has prevailed.

Stock first carefully unraveled the belief that secularists using the social media engineered the revolution when he unmasked the Muslim Brotherhood ties of several of the revolution’s key movers, individuals the media had carelessly held up as the liberal face-book sparkplugs of the revolt.

Next, he traced the methods and success of the Brotherhood in infiltrating and gaining control of many institutions of the state and its educational organizations.

Thirdly, Stock described the clever and successful Muslim Brotherhood campaign to disguise its ultimate aims with politically correct phraseology designed to woo members of the naïve Western media and dull their sensibilities to the Brotherhood’s radical history and ultimate aims.

Also essential to the Brotherhood’s successful grab for power has been the inept policies of the Obama administration, as evidenced by its hasty bestowal of legitimacy on the Brotherhood’s victory in the election, which by any standard was marginal at best and perhaps also declared prematurely.

Dr. Stock also depicts the dangers of Muslim Brotherhood control of Egypt and its unabashed policies of inculcating hatred—not just of Israel but Jews in general—and its visceral anti-Americanism.

The author eviscerates the arguments of those who see no danger in an Islamized Egypt. Their insistence that the demands of ruling a divided and economically sick Egypt will force moderation on the Muslim Brotherhood regime look ridiculous when juxtaposed to the history of the rise of Hitler in Europe and the Iranian theocracy of today.

With Syria in a civil war, Iraq still unstable, and an increasing Shia-Sunni conflict throughout the Middle East, a friendly or at least neutral Egypt is a must for American interests in the Middle East. As the author so clearly demonstrates, a Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt will not allow that outcome.bluestar

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