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October 2012

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Where are the Muslim Anti-Islamists? They’re the People Battling and Being Murdered by the Islamists
by Barry Rubin, Editor of the Middle East Review of Inter- national Affairs Journal
Reviewed by Norvell DeAtkine

Barry Rubin, director of Global Research in International Affairs Center, is a prolific commentator on the Islamic world and the Middle East. In this article he makes a plaintive plea for those in influential positions to support those millions of Muslims who desperately want their religion portrayed in more accurate ways than equating all of Islam with either terrorism or the far more influential voices who, reigning supreme in classrooms, the media and newsrooms, simply regurgitate soothing phrases like Islam means peace.

Rubin asks a question that has been asked in the past but seldom answered: Why, he asks, have Muslim communities in Europe and America hardly ever denounced Islamist terrorism or resisted the Islamists’ arguments? His answer is unequivocal “Because those radical forces are in power, often with collaboration from Western leftists, intellectuals, academics, and officials.”

Western governments in a futile effort to appease Muslims, readily accept the supposed inevitable Islamist wave over–whelming the world of Islam, leaving no place for religious minorities or moderate Muslims, who are better described as ordinary Muslims, who simply wish to adhere to a conservative view of the faith. The unseemly rush of the United States, for example, to curry favor with the Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt—one elected on the slenderest of margins—is just one illustration. The ordinary Muslims have nowhere to turn as their supposed natural allies in the free world abandon them out of political expediency. As Rubin asks: If moderates cannot depend on the support of the democratic countries, how can they dare to speak up?

The radicals have ample funding from Wahhabi sources. Their well-paid clergy espousing their particular interpretations of the Koran insist, like the totalitarians of the past, that they hold exclusive rights to the truth. With the Islamists having all the money, the power, the media, and the support of many respected apologists in the West, no wonder ordinary Muslims feel powerless and intimidated. As Rubin asks in a concluding sentence, “… ask just not why more moderates don’t exist, ask why you aren’t helping them and acting as their allies in our common battle. After all, their lives are the ones most on the line.”bluestar

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