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A Diplomat's Handbook

Dear friends of Mark Palmer:

On May 21, saddened friends and admirers of Ambassador Mark Palmer gathered in his honor at the Metropolitan Club. Speakers recalled that among Mark’s great contributions was the project he inspired, A Diplomat’s Handbook for Democracy Development Support, directed by Ambassador Jeremy Kinsman and produced by the Council for a Community of Democracies. The third edition has now been published by the Centre for International Governance Innovation with the attached In Memoriam to Mark that was adapted from the May 21 program and polished with the approval of Dr. Sushma Palmer. The project has also inspired a prize in Mark Palmer’s name, honoring diplomats who embody the Handbook's ideas. The project will continue to carry on the work Ambassador Palmer had begun.

The text of the Handbook may be accessed at diplomatshandbook.org.


Robert R. LaGamma

Republished by permission.

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