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BBC historical documentary - research request re: Vienna in 1986

Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2013 15:21:35 +0000
Subject: BBC historical documentary - research request re: Vienna in 1986
From: chavalamadlena @ gmail.com

Hello Michael,


Essentially we are looking for former diplomatic or embassy staff who were in Vienna in March 1986 and remember when famous Korean director Shin Sang-Ok and Choi Eun-Hee escaped their North Korean minders and fled in to the embassy? Here are some articles that might jog people's memory:

Here is when the story broke -


Here is one where there is embassy spokesperson John Williams quoted -


Here is a NYTimes piece from a couple of months later - http://articles.sun-sentinel.com/1986-05-15/news/8601290395_1_kim-jong-president-kim-il-sung-korea

We are of course still trying to get hold of Felix Bloch as well, as we believe he was acting ambassador at that time.

The documentary is funded by the BBC, Arte and the Tribeca Film Fund and is going in to production in January.

To be clear, this is a feature / entertainment documentary about an incredible story, rather than a journalistically based one —everything we wish to speak about with former officers is all public knowlegde at this point.

I have also reached out to the AFSA. Any help, suggestions or thoughts are greatly appreciated!



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