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Publisher Michael Cotter
Editor Csaba T. Chikes
Contributing Editors Francis P. Sempa
  Margaret C. Pearson
  George Clack
Webmaster Sandra Johnson
Technical Advisor Christopher M. Kuster


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Established 1996

Co-Founded by Dr. Henry E. Mattox and Amb. T. Frank Crigler

American Diplomacy Publishers, a not-for-profit organization, publishes American Diplomacy, available free to all internet users. Articles are posted on a rolling basis, so check back frequently to see what's new. Subcriptions are available and include alerts for new items on our site.

Our goal is to publish thoughtful articles on international issues, to support efforts to strengthen the American Foreign Service, and to promote understanding of the challenges of diplomatic life abroad through the memoirs of U.S. Foreign Service personnel and their families. Among our contributors are American diplomats, both active and retired, as well as distinguished academicians.

American Diplomacy Publishers, Inc.


President VP, Outreach Kunsman  
Amb W. Robert Pearson, President John M. Handley, Ph.D., Vice-President & Secretary June Kunsman, Treasurer  


Ansel Brown
Paul Carew, Ph.D.
Csaba T. Chikes
Renate Coleshill
Amb. Michael W. Cotter
Renee M. Earle
John M. Handley, Ph.D.
Amb. William C. Harrop
William P. Kiehl, Ph.D.

June H. Kunsman
Amb. Ed. Marks
Amb. Thomas E. McNamara
Margaret C. Pearson
Amb W. Robert Pearson
Carolyn W. Pumphrey, Ph.D.
Amb Brenda Schoonover
Francis Sempa, Esq.

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Samuel H. Barnes, Ph.D.
Frank Crigler
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Richard H. Kohn, Ph.D.

Henry Mattox
R. Bartlett Moon
J. Edgar Williams

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