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Nicholas Sarantakes

Keystone: The American Occupation of Okinawa and U.S.-Japanese RelationsTexas A&M Press. 2000 ISBN 0890969698.

Ralph D. Sawyer
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The Tao of Spycraft: Intelligence Theory and Practice in Traditional China. Westview Press. 1998. ISBN 0813333032.

(Translator) Sun-tzu'z The Art of War . Barnes & Noble Books. 1994. ISBN 1566192978.

(Translator) One Hundred Unorthodox Strategies: Battle and Tactics of Chinese Warfare. Westview Press. 1998. ISBN 0813328616

Gene & Kathryn Schmiel

Welcome Home: Who are You? 1998.ISBN 0963926063:Product Link on Barnes &

Harvey Sicherman

Palestinian Autonomy, Self-Government, and Peace. Westview Press. 1993. 0813384702:Product Link on Barnes &

Palestinian Self-Government (Autonomy): Its past and Its Future. Washington Institute for Near East Policy. 1991. 0944029140:Product Link on Barnes &

Katherine A. Sibley

Loans and Legitimacy: The Evolution of Soviet-American Relations, 1919-1933 . University Press of Kentucky. 1996. ISBN0813119626:Product Link on Barnes &

The Cold War. Greenwood Publishing Group, Inc. 1998.ISBN 0313298572:Product Link on Barnes &

Walter G Sharp

Cyberspace and the Use of Force. Aegis Research Corporation, 1999. ISBN 0967032601:Product Link on Barnes &

Jus Paciarii : Emergent Legal Paradigms for U.N. Peace Operations in the 21st Century. Paciarii International, 1999. ISBN 0967435609.

United Nations Peace Operations : A Collection Of Primary Documents And Readings Governing The Conduct Of Multilateral Peace Operations. Amer Heritage Custom Pub Co, 1995. ISBN 0828106770.

Monteagle Stearns

Talking to Strangers: Improving American Diplomacy at Home and Abroad. Princeton University Press, 1999. 0691007454:Product Link on Barnes &

Entangled Allies: U. S. Policy toward Greece, Turkey, and Cyprus. Council on Foreign Relations. 1994. 0876091109:Product Link on Barnes &

Robert Strausz-Hupe

In My TimeIn My Time. Transaction Publishers. 1995. ISBN1560008539:Product Link on Barnes &

Democracy and American Foreign Policy : Reflections of the Legacy of Alexis de Tocqueville. Transaction Publishers. 1995. ISBN 1560001755.

Building the Atlantic World Greenwood Publishing Group, Inc. 1974.ISBN0837173868:Product Link on Barnes &

David W. Thornton

Airbus Industrie: The Politics of an International Industrial CollaborationAirbus Industrie: The Politics of an International Industrial Collaboration . St. Martin's Press, Inc. 1995 ISBN 0312124414.

Stansfield Turner

Caging the Nuclear Genie: An American Challenge. Westview Press. 1997. ISBN0813333288:Product Link on Barnes &

Caging the Genies: A Workable Solution for Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Weapons.Caging the Genies : A Workable Solution for Nuclear,Chemical, and Biological Weapons. Westview Press. 1999. ISBN0813366771:Product Link on Barnes &

The Virginia Papers on the PresidencyThe Virginia Papers on the Presidency, Vol. 22. University Press of America. 1986. ISBN 0819155233:Product Link on Barnes &

Terrorism and Democracy. Houghton Mifflin Co. 1991. ISBN 0395430860:Product Link on Barnes &

Secrecy and Democracy : The CIA in Transition. Houghton Mifflin. 1985.

Kenneth P. Vickery

Black and White in Southern Zambia: The Tonga Plateau Economy and British Imperialism,Black and White in Southern Zambia: The Tonga Plateau Economy and British Imperialism, 1890-1939, Vol. 21. Greenwood Publishing Group, Inc.1986. ISBN 0313251061:Product Link on Barnes &

Herbert Weiss

Black and White in Southern Zambia: The Tonga Plateau Economy and British Imperialism,War and Peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Current African Issues, No. 22)i. Nordiska Afrikainstitutet. 2000. ISBN 9171064583.

Congo: 1995 Technical Assessment. International Foundation for Election Systems. 1996. ISBN 1879720159:Product Link on Barnes &

Radicalisme rural et lutte pour l'indâependance au Congo-Zaèire : le Parti solidaire africain, 1959-1960.

Adam Yarmolinksy
See more here.

Organizing for Interdependence: The Role of GovernmentOrganizing for Interdependence: The Role of Government. University Press of America. 1976 ISBN.0819158585:Product Link on Barnes &

(Editor) Rethinking Liberal Education . The Role of Government. Oxford University Press, Inc. 1995. ISBN 0195097726.

Paradoxes of Power. Indiana University Press. 1983. ISBN 0253342910:Product Link on Barnes &

A. Mark Weisburd

Black and White in Southern Zambia: The Tonga Plateau Economy and British Imperialism,Use of Force: The Practice of States since World War II Pennsylvania State University Press. 1997. ISBN: 0271016809.

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