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Writers Who Were Diplomats
James Russell Lowell

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Book Reviews
William P. Kiehl, Contributing Editor



book  book

New Two Looks at America's Other Army
Reviews by Michael W. Cotter and by David C. Litt

New The Globalization of American Culture Review by John H. Brown

New Gadfly of the Gilded Age Review by Francis P. Sempa

Spoken Word Reviews
Francis P. Sempa, Contributing Editor

New Nixon at 100 Review by Francis P. Sempa

New The Force of the 21st Century by David T. Jones

New The Russian Far East Review by Francis P. Sempa

Teaching Kafka in China


"I told my students that if they understood Kafka they would learn something important about how to live in China."

Commentary and Analysis

New James Russell Lowell US Minister to Spain by William Sommers

bookNew The Emancipation Proclamation and U.S. Foreign Policy by Christopher Teal

The Victors and Vanquished 2012 by Michael Hornblow

Americanizing the Spice Isle's Schools: Educational Development in Post-Invasion Grenada by Robert G. Zakula

"They Aren't Friendly, Mr. Vice President":
bookThe Eisenhower Administration's Response to Communist-Inspired Attacks during Vice President Nixon's 1958 Tour of Latin America
by Jeff Cox



The High Cost of Our Countersinsurgency Policy in Afghanistan by Godfrey L. Garner

The Reception and Impact of Western and Polish Emigre Books and Periodicals in Communist-Ruled Poland Between July 1, 1956 and June 30, 1973 by Alfred A. Reisch

Venezuelan Irony: A Tainted Election with the World’s Best Vote- Counting System by Theodore Wilkinson

Just Over The Horizon in An Election Year: The Top Five Foreign Policy Challenges by Michael Cotter

Partners in Capital Crime by Alan Berlind

The American Trajectory: From Republic to Empire by Curt Jones

Military Security, Energy Resources, and the Emergence of the Northwest Passage: Canada’s Arctic Dilemma by Steve Dobransky

IrvingAmerican Writers Who Were Diplomats: Washington Irving, Sunnyside to Spain by William Sommers

Diplospeak by William A. Rugh

Turkey's New Foreign Policy in the New World by Roman Muzalevsky

The Egyptian NGO Case: Politics and Diplomacy by William A. Rugh

Transition to Democracy in the Middle East by Haviland Smith

The Day Austria Disappeared from the Map by Walter R. Roberts


Opinions expressed are those of the individual authors, and do not represent the position of American Diplomacy which maintains its founding principles of balance and non-partisanship.

Syria and Our Foreign Policy by Sol Schindler

Not (Y)our Father's Russia by David T. Jones

A Call to Action on Public Diplomacy by Morris E. Jacobs

The Iraqi War: Swimming Against the Tide of Opinion by Samah al-Momen

A Regional Solution to the Syrian Uprising by Varun Vira

How the Egyptian Revolution Emphasized the Sovereignty of the People by Abeer Bassiouny Arafa Ali Radwan

Obama, Netanyahu And the Middle East by James L. Abrahamson

Does History Take Sides? The Problem of Evoking the Past to Justify Policy by Michael W. Santos

The Perils in U. S. Mediation of the Arab-Israeli Conflict: What History Has Taught Us by Yoav J. Tenembaum

Don’t Leave Counter-Terrorism to the Military by Haviland Smith

A Role Reversal from a Military-First Approach by Joseph Lyons

The Lost Libertarian Moment by Howard Cincotta

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Comment on: A New FSO in President Kennedy's Final Year

Don’t Kill Americans and Call Death on America Who Support You in Getting Freedom and Democracy!

Comments on: The "Oslo Syndrome"

Comments on: "Transition to Democracy in the Middle East"

Comments on: "The Egyptian NGO Case"

Comments on: "The Day Austria Disappeared from the Map"

Comment on: "Did Stalemate Equal Victory? From the Korean to the Vietnam Wars"

Comment on: "Contemporary Problems, Global Solutions"

Comment on: "Did Stalemate Equal Victory? From the Korean to the Vietnam Wars"

Comment on: "Did Stalemate Equal Victory? From the Korean to theVietnam Wars"
Author's response RE: "Did Stalemate Equal Victory? From the Korean to the Vietnam Wars"

Comment on: How the Egyptian Revolution Emphasized the Sovereignty of the People

Comments on: “The New World Order”

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My Picks: A Top 10 List
By Csaba T. Chikes
A Sampler from our archives

More detail about these recommendations here.

Jimmy Carter and the 1979 Decision to Admit the Shah into the United States By William J. Daugherty (March 16, 2003)

My Dependent Wife
by Lucien Heichler (December 17, 2003)

On Professionalism Among American Ambassadors
By Henry Mattox (2, 1999)

By Bart Moon (October12, 2009)

America Town: Building the Outposts of Empire Reviewed by Gerald J. Loftus (January 15, 2008)

The Futile Search for Root Causes of Terrorism By Michael Radu (August 16, 2002)

Smith-Mundt: Censorship American Style?
By Gregory L. Garland (March 3, 2009)

Remembering Saisith
By William Sommers (September 14, 2009

The Victors and the Vanquished 2003
By Michael Hornblow (January 12, 2004)

A Venture in Scholarship
Editor’s Introduction by Henry Mattox (1999)

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