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Note from the Publisher

Dear Readers,

Welcome to our first posting of 2016. This is an important year for our journal—our 20th anniversary in existence. And I promise that it will be a rewarding year for all of you. Our name is "American Diplomacy," and although we cover a much broader palette of topics and areas of interest, it remains our fundamental mission.

Recently the American Academy of Diplomacy (academyofdiplomacy.org) issued an important report entitled "American Diplomacy at Risk." It highlights changes within the State Department and the U.S. government at large that the Academy believes place the diplomatic profession at serious risk. In an effort to broaden public knowledge of this concern and offer a forum for discussion of the challenges our profession faces, American diplomacy will be a major focus of our 20th anniversary year.

So, for the next several postings we will feature a series of essays on professionalism by one of the outstanding diplomatic professionals of the past half century, Chas. W. Freeman. I don’t have space to detail all of Ambassador Freeman's accomplishments over his 30-year career, but note that he served as a deputy assistant secretary in the State Department and as an assistant secretary in the Department of Defense as well as ambassador to Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War. Reflecting his global interests and influence, since his retirement he has led the Middle East Policy Council and the U.S. China Policy Foundation, and is a life member of the Atlantic Council. He is a prolific author and lecturer who believes strongly in diplomacy as a profession and the need for a strong diplomatic service.

I am certain that you will find Ambassador Freeman's views thought provoking, and we encourage others to add their views on the important issues his essays raise.

Thank you for following our journal for these many years. It is your interest that makes this volunteer effort worth it.

Amb. Michael Cotter (ret.)

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Diplomacy as Profession by Chas. Freeman

From the National Archives

Led Astray By Published Documents



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Opinions expressed are those of the individual authors, and do not represent the position of American Diplomacy which maintains its founding principles of balance and non-partisanship.

The Necessity of a World Leader by Godfrey Garner

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State Department Releases Annual Fiscal Transparency Report

The website poshcorps.com offers its documentary feature films on the site free of charge. The site is a service for the Peace Corps community.

Of Special Interest
The film "America's Diplomats" will be shown on PBS in early March 2016, at various times depending upon the scheduling of PBS regional stations.
The film is a companion to the United States Diplomacy Center, America’s first museum and center of educational outreach on diplomacy, now under construction in Washington adjoining the Department of State.

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