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Books of Interest
William P. Kiehl, Contributing Editor

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Putinism by Walter Laquer
Destiny and Power by Jon Meacham
The China Boom by Ho-fun Hung

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The Guardians by Susan Pedersen
The Politics of Everyday Europe by Kathleen R. McNamara
Accidental State by Hsiao-ting Lin

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Power and International Relations
by David A. Baldwin
Harry & Arthur by Lawrence J. Haas



Spoken Word Reviews
Francis P. Sempa, Contributing Editor

April Links
U.S.-India Economic and Financial Relationship
Tokyo at the Forefront
The Grand Strategy that Won the Cold War
American Intelligence in the Age of Terror
The Future of the U.S. Rebalance to Asia
Was John Quincy Adams a Foreign Policy Realist?
The Emerging Law of 21st Century War
The Geopolitics of the American Revolution
Why American Economic Leadership Matters
Europe's Warning for the U.S.
The Emerging China-Russia Axis: The Return of Geopolitics


Internet Articles FYI
George Clack, Contributing Editor

April Links
Where in the World Are We?
Trump Angst Pours in from Overseas Governments
Under the Lime Trees
The Exit Solution?: How the West Misjudged Russia, Part 10
Seven Phantoms of Russia's Policy Toward the European Union
Most Young Arabs Have No Use for ISIS, Survey Finds
ISIS's Offline Propaganda Strategy
On the American Front Line Against ISIS"
What To Do About Brussels
How Our Politicians—and Media—Are Helping Terrorists Win
Reviving the Mediterranean's Lost Cosmopolitanism


Diplomats Who Are Authors

NEW From Maggie Minds Her Business by Allie Simms

From Climbing the Rain by Howard Cincotta


Commentary and Analysis         Foreign Service Life       


Opinions expressed are those of the individual authors, and do not represent the position of American Diplomacy which maintains its founding principles of balance and non-partisanship.

NEW Obesity in Foreign Affairs by Peter Bridges

Russian Hybrid War Reaches the UN by Tatiana Christy

The Necessity of a World Leader by Godfrey Garner

LINK Tino Calabia (Peru1963-65) Comments on "13 Hours: the Secret Soldiers of Benghazi"







Diplomats Who Are Authors
NEW From Maggie Minds Her Business by Allie Simms

I was so transfixed by the snake—its tiny, bead-like eyes seemed to be staring at me—that at first I didn't even notice Fran Warriner, the woman I'd come to free. Her bush outfit looked wrinkled and sweaty, and her hair clearly needed a wash, but she didn't seem to have been harmed. more

Maggie Minds Her Business

From the Publisher
It is with great sadness that I inform our readers that Henry Mattox, Ph.D., one of the founders of our journal passed away. [LINK to News & Observer]

State Department Releases Annual Fiscal Transparency Report

The website poshcorps.com offers its documentary feature films on the site free of charge. The site is a service for the Peace Corps community.

Comment on Tawain, airbases, and Donald Trump
Comment on Bob Baker's Max Kampelman: Arms Control in Sydney

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