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Books of Interest
William P. Kiehl, Contributing Editor

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Not by Bread Alone by Robert Nalbandov
Blood, Dreams and Gold by Richard Cockett
Democratic Politics in a European Union Under Stress

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Global Inequality by Brank Milanovic
In Europe's Shadow by Robert D. Kaplan
War by Other Means by Robert D. Blackwill and Jennifer M. Harris



Spoken Word Reviews
Francis P. Sempa, Contributing Editor
May Links
The Impact of U.S. Engagement and Human Rights in Cuba
Thinking Seriously About China
Military Readiness in an Era of Geopolitical Uncertainty
Senator John McCain on Obama's Foreign Policy
China's Overseas Investments in Europe and Beyond
Harbingers of Future Wars
NASA's Role in International Affairs
The Role of the United Nations
Eisenhower and the Cold War
Duty, Honor, Country

Internet Articles FYI
George Clack, Contributing Editor

May Links
Trump vs. Hillary Is Nationalism vs. Globalism, 2016
The Art of the Military Deal
What Trump Gets Right About NATO
With Term Waning, Barack Obama Aims to Stabilize Relations in Middle East
U.S. Strategy and the War in Iraq and Syria
Can the United States Avert Disaster in Iraq?
A Caliphate Under Strain: The Documentary Evidence
ISIS and the 'Loser Effect'
The Aspiring Novelist Who Became Obama’s Foreign-Policy Guru
Rhodes to Ruin
Why Political Prisoners Matter
Alternative Perspectives on Encryption


Diplomats Who Are Authors

imageFrom Maggie Minds Her Business by Allie Simms

From Climbing the Rain by Howard Cincotta



Commentary and Analysis         Foreign Service Life       


Opinions expressed are those of the individual authors, and do not represent the position of American Diplomacy which maintains its founding principles of balance and non-partisanship.

Obesity in Foreign Affairs by Peter Bridges

Russian Hybrid War Reaches the UN by Tatiana Christy

The Necessity of a World Leader by Godfrey Garner

LINK Tino Calabia (Peru1963-65) Comments on "13 Hours: the Secret Soldiers of Benghazi"







NEW A Person of Integrity Passes from the Scene

by William P. Kiehl

From the Publisher
It is with great sadness that I inform our readers that Henry Mattox, Ph.D., one of the founders of our journal passed away. [LINK to News & Observer]

State Department Releases Annual Fiscal Transparency Report

The website poshcorps.com offers its documentary feature films on the site free of charge. The site is a service for the Peace Corps community.

Comment on Tawain, airbases, and Donald Trump
Comment on Bob Baker's Max Kampelman: Arms Control in Sydney

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