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Books of Interest
Maggie Pearson, Contributing Editor

Maggie Minds Her Business Cover  Cover
Cover  Cover  Cover

Failure to Adjust by Edward Alden
Ike's Gamble by Michael Doran
Morning in South Africa by John Campbell
The Beautiful Country and the Middle Kingdom by John Pomfret
The Terror Years by Lawrence Wright
Karl Marx: Greatness and Illusion by Gareth Stedman Jones


Internet Articles FYI
George Clack, Contributing Editor

January/February Links
Confirming Team Trump: Tillerson and Mattis Face Changing Global Dangers
The World as Seen by Donald Trump
Russia vs. the Global Order: What Will Trump's Divided Administration Do About It?
Newt Gingrich on Trump White House:If They Decide To Become Reasonable, They Will Have Failed
The Flight 93 Election
How To Finally Win the War on Terror
When and Why Nationalism Beats Globalism
The 12-point Brexit Plan Explained: Theresa May Warns EU She Will Walk away from a 'Bad Deal' for Britain
Is Europe Disintegrating?
The Cult of the Expert - and How It Collapsed
Special Briefing: The Middle East in the Year Ahead
No One is Afrid of AIPAC
Rafsanjani, Iran's Wiliest Revolutionary, Dies



The inauguration of Washington April 30th 1789 at the Old City Hall, New York (Currier & Ives)

Commentary & Analysis
Making Peace in Syria by Abdallah Al Dardari

Beyond the Basics: Holistic Humanitarian Assistance for Syrians by Margo Berends

From the National Archives
LINK Nikita Khrushchev’s Memoirs: Part I by David Langbart

Foreign Service Life
Runs, Hikes, & Cops in Bohemia by Peter Bridges

Reflections on Vietnam: A Young Diplomat goes to War by Allen Keiswetter

Moon Rocks at Home by Bob Baker

A US Citizen by Surprise by June Kunsman

Reminiscences of life under communism: Soviet Show trials by Norma Brown

Why the Peace Corps? by John Coyne

NEW FEATURE Eyewitness
Foreign Service Accounts from the Oral History Archives (ADST.ORG)

Avis Thayer Bohlen

Featured Book Reviews

Murrow's Cold War by Renee Earle

World War Two Provides the Indo/British Breaking Point by Jon P. Dorschner


Diplomats Who Are Authors
Chapter 3 Warrior Diplomat: Vietnam, 1965-70 Chapter 3 from Global Adventures on Less-Traveled Roads: A Foreign Service Memoir by Jim Bulligton, former American Diplmacy Editor

Opinions expressed are those of the individual authors, and do not represent the position of American Diplomacy which maintains its founding principles of balance and non-partisanship.

How the Presidential Transition Process Works And Why This One Will Be Like No Other by Michael W. Cotter

The National Security Debate and Classical Geopolitics by Francis P. Sempa


Diplomats Who Are Authors
From Global Adventures by Jim Bullington

See Chapter 3 here

I got in my car, the official Consulate black Plymouth sedan with a U.S. flag on the fender, to drive back to the office. A few hundred yards outside the First Division compound I encountered a mob of several hundred students, who had been holding a demonstration downtown. I had to stop the car and sit there for a quarter of an hour as they passed by, beating on the car and shouting anti-American slogans. They tried to open the locked car, but didn't break the windows. more

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