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Winter 2017


President's Note:
Diplomacy under heavy fire

Books of Interest
Maggie Pearson, Contributing Editor

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The Future is History by Masha Gessen
Diversifying Diplomacy by Harriet Lee Elam-Thomas with Jim Robison
The Resurgence of Central Asia by Ahmed Rashid
The Development Dilemma by Robert H. Bates
Iran, A Modern History by Abbas Amanat

The Idea of the Muslim World by Cemil Aydin
The New Sultan by Soner Cagaptay
The Impossible Revolution by Yassin al-Haj Saleh



Featured Book Review

To the Secretary: Leaked Cables and America’s Foreign Policy Disconnect
Review by Renee M. Earle


Diplomat Authors

Moment of Truth—At the Helm
Chapter 17 of Cotton Fields to Summits: The View from Contested Ground
by George Kennedy
Cotton Fields to Summits
Warm Beer and Green Wine
Chapter 7 of Behind the Seventh Veil
by Barry Fulton

Book will be available from Amazon (paperback and Kindle edition) o/a March 15. Details about prior books in series at
Cotton Fields to Summits
Into the Dark Soil
from She Receives the Night
by Robert Earle
Into the Dark Soil


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Commentary & Analysis
Venezuela: A Situation Report by Ambassador Patrick Duddy

Africa and the Politics of Possibility by Louis S. Segesvary

Amendments to the Governance Structure of the Holy See and Canon Law during the European Migration Crisis by Lóránd Ujházi

From the National Archives
Berlin Reacts to the Assassination of John F. Kennedy by David Langbart

Great Britain's Royal Wedding of 1947 by David Langbart

Foreign Service Life
Uncle Sam, Matchmaker by Ben East

A Christmas Tale of Swans and Trains, of a President, Kings and Queens by Bob Baker

Foreign Service Accounts from the Oral History Archives (ADST.ORG)

Ambassador John D. Negroponte
Interview covers:  Biography, Vietnam, Kissinger, Paris Peace Talks

Opinions expressed are those of the individual authors, and do not represent the position of American Diplomacy which maintains its founding principles of balance and non-partisanship.

How to Save Trump's State Department by Ambassador Ronald E. Neumann

The Voice of America and Public Diplomacy by Hans N. Tuch

The state of the State Department is concerning but not dire by William P. Kiehl

On foreign threats and 'the calm before the storm' by William P. Kiehl





Ten former Directors General ask the SFRC to oppose Stephen Akard's nomination as DG

Krasno Events Series & YouTube Channel from the Richard M. Krasno Distinguished Professorship at UNC-Chapel Hill

The General & the Ambassador: A Conversation
The Academy of Diplomacy is proud to present a new podcast series called The General and the Ambassador: A Conversation. Each will be a conversation between a highly ranked former military officer and a former senior Ambassador centered on how they partnered to protect America and advance the strategic interests of the United States. In many key areas around the world, our top military and our top diplomats work hand in glove but the story is rarely told.

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