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June 2016


Public Opinion on Human Rights in American Foreign Policy by Ole Holsti

The End of the Story by J. Edgar Williams

Democratization, Failed states, and Peace Operations by Robert H. Dorff

20th Anniversary

Editorial from the first issue, 1996

Launching American Diplomacy, 2011 reflection by Henry Mattox

Editor's Corner 1999


American Writers Who Were Diplomats: Washington Irving by William Sommers

Communist Secret Police Uncloak the Love of a Lifetime by Ernest Nagy

Call Me Nino by Bob Baker

Diplomacy as a Profession by Chas Freeman

Chapter 3 of Maggie Minds Her Business by Allie Simms

Guided Tours of the Archives

A Meander through the Foreign Service Life Archive by Gwen Clare

My Picks: A Top 10 List by Jon Handley

My Picks: A Top 10 List by Csaba Chikes


American Diplomacy 20 year Sampler

Advice to a Fledgling Diplomat   by Francis Underhill

Cold War Negotiations: A Personal Recollection by J. Edgar Williams

The New Russia: Thanksgiving 1996 by Keith Moon

The El Salvador Accords: A Model for Peace Keeping by James L. Roush

Adventures in a Cairo souk by Shelley Mattox


Understanding Democratic Transitions by Adrian A. Basora

It Was Willy Nilly by Bobbie Bergesen Reidel

Sunni versus Shia by Barry Rubin

Into Africa: China's Quest for Resources and Influence by Jacques deLisle

Lady Astor & Me by BIll Dale


The Newburgh Conspiracy by Francis P. Sempa

Canada and the United States: Civil Military Relations by David T. Jones

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: The Seismic Fault In Geopolitical Tectonics by Benjamin L. Landis

One Man Changed Greece and Turkey Forever by Roger Jennings



The Changing Definition of Sovereignty by Edward Marks

The Lexus and the Olive Tree Considered by Brenda B. Schoonover

Afghanistan and its Neighbors by Michael W. Cotter

Devil's Diplomat in Mid-West America by Rick Sherman

Argentina and Australia: Two Divergent Paths from the Same Beginning by Elvio Baldinelli

Chapter 17: At Sea by Bruce K. Byers

Christmas Action at the Vatican by Jim Creagan

About My Husband and the General by Betsey Barnes Part 2

Give the New Afghan Government a Chance by Godfrey Garner


Visionaries of the American Empire: Alexander Hamilton and Alfred Thayer Mahan by Francis P. Sempa

Humpty Dumpty Redux: Saving Public Diplomacy by William P. Kiehl

Kremlin-Watching in Togo by Kelly J. Morris

Sixty Years of Studying Malaya/Malaysia by Ronald Palmer

“The Most Consequential Writer of the 20th Century” by Francis P. Sempa

The New Face of Central Asia by Michael W. Cotter

Somewhere in France by Francis P. Sempa

American Town: Building the Outposts of Empire by Gerald J. Loftus

Renewable Cooperation? Reflections on United States-Brazil Cooperation on Biofuels by Mark S. Langevin

Joining the Foreign Service — Then, Now, and In-between by Renee Earle


Letter from Niger: January 2004 by J. R. Bullington

I Pay My Debt for Lafayette by W.J.K. Rockwell

A Conceptual Framework for National Security John M. Handley & Andrew H. Ziegler Jr.

Observations and Impressions from Iraq by Norvell B. DeAtkine

Huaraz: a memorable trip in a remote part of Peru by Christopher Teal


The Cold War and the U.S. Information Agency: American Propaganda and Public Diplomacy, 1945-1989 by Michael Schneider

The Right of Self-Determination – A Further Principle by Yoav J. Tenembaum

The New Hemispheric Agenda and the Role of Regional and International Organizations by Anthony C.E. Quainton

Engaging Iran's Silent Majority by Bruce Byers

From Repression to Reform? by Ronald D. Palmer

State Gets SMART by Barry Fulton

Remembering Saisith by William Sommers

Smith-Mundt: Censorship American Style? by Gregory L. Garland

Maris Girgis ant the Copts of Egypt by William Sommers

Auyantepui: Stranded on the top of Venezuela's "Devil's Mountain" with John Updike by Bart Moon

Remembering Ambassador Dubs, and the Future of Afghanistan by Bruce Byers

Protecting National Security and Privacy: Approaches of New Administrations in the United States and Europe by A. J. Andreas Ringl


Albright’s Position is Hard to Justify by David Thornton

Conference on "Conflict in Africa" by Carolyn W. Pumphrey

On Professionalism Among Ambassadors by Henry E. Mattox

Surviving Double Jeopardy by James Huskey

Overland by Jeep to Kabul by Carl R. Fritz

America and War in the Balkans by J. R. Bullington

Doing the Wrong Thing for the Right Reasons by Edward L. Peck

Waging Peace in Kosovo by Barry Ryland-Holmes

Focus on China Chinese Warfare: The Paradox of the Unlearned Lesson by Ralph D. Sawyer


Pieces by Cynthia Farrell Johnson

Pieces by Bud Hensgen

Coming home: different Popes for different times by Dick Virden

Sources of U.S. Tension with the United Arab Emirates by William A. Rugh

Cacao cum Cocoa by Mark Wentling

Flame by Barry Fulton

The American Mission by Matthew Palmer

A Policy for Ukraine by Sol Schindler

The Return of Antarctica and the Origins and Future of Potential Conflict by Steve Dobransky

Charles W. Yost: The Emergence of a Diplomat by Felicity O. Yost


Breakdown on the Road to Damascus:One Indelible Memory of Syria by Patricia Ann Liske

All Quiet on the Western Front by Alan L. Heil Jr.

The “Stumble Stones” of Oslo: Memorials to Norway’s Holocaust Victims by Nina Brambani Smith

Thai Memoir: Firsthand Observations on Countering Insurgencies: Lessons for Today? by Dick Virden

The Day Austria disappeared from the Map by Walter R. Roberts

Venezuelan Irony: A Tainted Election with the World’s Best Vote- Counting System by Theodore Wilkinson

American Writers Who Were Diplomats: Joel Barlow by William Sommers

Diplospeak by William Rugh

KGB or FSB? by Yale Richmond



Brassed Off by Francis Underhill

Present at the Footnote by Henry E. Mattox

On Board the Carrier by Kathryn Schmiel

A Fulbright Interlude in Nigeria by Henry Mattox

Roosevelt and the Wartime Summit Conferences with Stalin by Charles G. Stefan

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