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Please address all general inquiries
and messages for faculty to

919-966-2383 telephone

919-966-4986 fax

Department of Economics
107 Gardner Hall, CB 3305
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC  27599-3305


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Professor Patrick Conway
Professor William R. Parke
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Professor Helen Tauchen
Director of Graduate Studies


Name (& Web Page) E-Mail Phone Office
Aguilar, Michael 966-5378 GA 201
Akin, John 843-9452 GA 104E
Alder, Simon 966-5326 GA 302
Balaban, Rita 843-8823 GA 200E
Biglaiser, Gary 966-4884 GA 306A
Black, Stanley 966-5926 GA 101A
Chari, Anusha 966-5346 GA 306B
Conway, Patrick 966-5376* GA 300F*
Field, Alfred, Jr. 966-5332 GA 101
Francis, Neville 966-5327 GA 006G
Froyen, Richard 966-5375 GA 300E
Ghysels, Eric 966-5325 GA 208D
Gilleskie, Donna 966-5372 GA 006B
Goldstein, Buck 966-3682* GA 104D
Guilkey, David 966-5335* GA 208C
Hendricks, Lutz 966-5328 GA 006C
Hill, Jonathan 966-5343 GA 200F
Joubert, Clement 843-4960 GA 208A
Kim, Ju Hyun 966-5338 GA 200G
Li, Fei 966-3710 GA 300B
Lich, Stephen W. 843-8435* GA 202*
McManus, Brian 966-5392 GA 200C
Merritt, Charles 962-2696 GA 104C
Norman, Peter 966-3250 GA 300C
Parke, William R. 966-5393* GA 204*
Parreiras, Sergio 966-5336 GA 200B
Peter, Klara 966-3669 GA 306C
Phan, Toan 966-5373 GA 301
Pires, Tiago 966-4485 GA 300A
Rosefielde, Steven 966-5371 GA 300D
Salemi, Michael 966-5332 GA 101
Sheran-Andrews, Michelle 966-5377 GA200D
Stewart, John 966-5332 GA 101
Tauchen, Helen 966-5394* GA 206*
Turchi, Boone 966-5348* GA 200A
Vaidyanathan, Geetha 966-5395 GA 200H
Verdier, Valentin 966-3962 GA 208B
Yates, Andrew 966-5374 GA 006F

*Multiple entries. Consult individual's web site for further information.



Name (& E-Mail) Title Phone Office
Joseph DiConcilio Department Manager 966-2385 GA 108
Vicki Walker Assistant to Director of Undergraduate Studies 962-2534 GA 107
Vacant Assistant to Director of Graduate Studies 966-2384 GA 107
Lisa Gaines Classroom Assistant/Accounting Tech 966-5324 GA 107
Cindy Wunder Receptionist 966-2383 GA 107
Vacant Program Assistant - Minor in Entrepreneurship 843-8824 GA 104F
Lauren Willets Program Assistant for Administration - Minor in Entrepreneurship 843-2689 GA 104A