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William R. Parke

Associate Professor and
Director of Undergraduate Studies



William Parke, Yale (1980, Economics) and University of Washington (1973, Mathematics), is interested in time series econometrics and applications to macroeconomics.  His thesis implements FIML estimation of large macro models (Econometrica, 1982) and his work on predictive likelihood (Econometrica, 1990) provides a theoretical basis for forecasting confidence intervals.  More recently, he has been working with Ken Hightower (UNC, Chapel Hill, 2001) on tests to distinguish between structural change and fractional integration and with George Waters (UNC, Chapel Hill, 2002) on an evolutionary game theory model of the evolution toward rational expectations.

Professor Parke is also the creator of the EconModel project and the Classic Economic Models, the host of the Economics Roundtable, and the editor of the Econ Review (links to the right).  He also takes responsibility for the design of this web site.