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The faculty and graduate students in the Economics Department at UNC, Chapel Hill, engage is a wide variety of research programs.  Here we list the faculty and their main research interests.  The links for each faculty member lead to a web page that usually includes a link to a more detailed web page with research papers and other items of interest.



Li, Fei
Applied Micro Theory, Industrial Organization,
Labor Economics

Lich, Stephen
Labor Economics, Public Economics
Applied Microeconomics, Household and
Family Economics

McManus, Brian
Industrial Organization, Public Economics

Merritt, Charles

Norman, Peter
Microeconomics, Public Economics

Parke, William

Parreiras, Sergio
Game Theory, Microeconomics

Peter, Klara
Labor Economics, Development and Transition Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Public Policy

Phan, Toan
International Macroeconomics

Pires, Tiago
Industrial Organization

Rosefielde, Steven
Comparative Economic Systems

Salemi, Michael
Macroeconomic Theory, Monetary Economics

Sheran-Andrews, Michelle
Microeconomics, Labor Economics, Economic Statistics

Stewart, John
Industrial Organization

Tauchen, Helen
Applied Microeconomics, Industrial Organization

Turchi, Boone

Vaidyanathan, Geetha
Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics,
International Economics

Verdier, Valentin
Econometrics, Empirical Microeconomics

Yates, Andrew
Environmental Economics





Aguilar, Michael
Econometric Theory, Financial Econometrics,
Applied Macroeconomics

Akin, John
Health Economics, Public Finance, Human Resources

Alder, Simon
Applied Econometrics, Regional Economics, Growth and Development

Balaban, Rita
Applied Microeconomics, Economic Education

Biglaiser, Gary
Microeconomic Theory, Industrial Organization

Black, Stanley
International Finance, Monetary Theory

Chari, Anusha
International Finance

Conway, Patrick
Economic Development, International Economics

Field, Alfred, Jr.
Economic Development, International Economics

Francis, Neville
Macroeconomic Theory, Time Series

Froyen, Richard
Macroeconomic Theory, Monetary Policy

Ghysels, Eric
Econometrics, Finance

Gilleskie, Donna
Health Economics, Labor Economics

Goldstein, Buck

Guilkey, David

Hendricks, Lutz

Hill, Jonathan
Time Series Econometrics, Econometric Theory

Joubert, Clement
Labor Economics, Development Economics, Applied Econometrics

Kim, Ju Hyun