Minoring in Entrepreneurship
 Undergraduate Program Department of Economics ◊ University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

Buck Goldstein, John Akin, and Holden Thorp

Minor in Entrepreneurship
Carolina Entrepreneurship Initiative

John Akin
GA 104E 966-5345 john_akin@unc.edu

Chancellor Holden Thorp
and Buck Goldstein
lead the discussion with Engines of Innovation.


This minor is designed for students wishing to remain in another discipline but having an interest in the process of entrepreneurship. There are five workshops in the minor: commercial, social, scientific, artistic, and sports. Entrepreneurship is the mechanism by which new products, services, and organizational processes are identified, refined, and ultimately realized as a sustainable part of the society. There is a common process for the realization of both new commercial and social ventures. The minor will provide the student with the background to undertake entrepreneurial activity in either the business or social realm. An internship opportunity is a key component of the minor.

The minor is not open to undergraduate business majors. ECON 325, 327, and 393 cannot be counted toward an economics major.

The minor consists of a prerequisite of ECON 101 and four courses.

(ECON 393 Practicum in Entrepreneurship was previously ECON 328 Internship in Entrepreneurship.)

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