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Program Information

Start with the Introduction and be sure to read Majoring in Economics.  The official details are given in the Undergraduate Bulletin Section for the Economics Department.  We also have a collection of Course Syllabi

Registration.  Almost all registration is conducted online via ConnectCarolina.  For special situations, check with Vicki Walker in GA 107.   

Undergraduate Advising.  Dr. Stephen Lich is our resident lecturer/advisor.  His hours are posted at GA 102.  

Undergraduate Honors Program.  Some of our very best juniors are invited to write a senior honors thesis. See Klara Peter. We also invite our best students to join Omicron Delta Epsilon, which is the international honorary society for economics.

ECON 293 -- Internship in Economics satisfies the College's Experiential Education requirement.  The syllabus and application form are online. Be sure to apply before your internship starts. 

Carolina Entrepreneurship Initiative. The Minor in Entrepreurship is part of the Economics Department.  See Charles Merritt.

UNC Economics Club.  Get involved in the Club's many activities.  See Geetha Vaidyanathan. You can also join the American Economic Association ($20) or the National Association for Business Economics ($30). 

College Fed Challenge.  Each year we field a team in this contest, which is sponsored by the Federal Reserve Board.  See Mike Aguilar. 

Joint Degree Program with National University of Singapore

Other programs:  Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, Management and Society, Peace, War, and Defense, and Public Policy.

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Contact Information

Department of Economics
107 Gardner Hall CB 3305
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC  27599
GA 107 919-966-2383 919-966-4986 (fax)

William R. Parke
Director of Undergraduate Studies
GA 109 966-5393 parke@unc.edu

Vicki Walker
Assistant to Director of Undergraduate Studies
GA 107 962-2534 vwwalker@email.unc.edu

Stephen Lich
Undergraduate Advisor
GA 102 843-6268 swlt@email.unc.edu

Charles Merritt
Carolina Entrepreneurship Initiative
GA 104C 962-2696 merritt@unc.edu

Geetha Vaidyanathan
UNC Economics Club
GA 200H 966-5395 geethav@email.unc.edu

Mike Aguilar
College Fed Challenge
GA 201 966-5378 maguilar@email.unc.edu

Klara Peter
Undergraduate Honors Program
GA 306C 966-3669 kpeter@unc.edu