Languages Across the Curriculum (LAC)

UNC-CH's Languages Across the curriculum Program is increasingly regarded as a model for LAC programs at research institutions. The Center for European Studies houses the LAC program at UNC-CH. Funding for the LAC program comes from the College of Arts and Sciences and from National Resource Centers at UNC: the Center for European Studies, the Center for Global Initiatives, and the Institute for Latin American Studies. Each semester 8-10 courses are offered in French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish in departments of Art, Anthropology, Communications, Cultural Studies, History, Political Science, International Studies and the Honors program. Current listings may be found at the link below.

LAC is not only an excellent program for undergraduates, it also strengthens the professional training program for graduate students who complete LAC pedagogy training in our annual workshop and who then gain unique classroom experience teaching in the program. CES maintains the website containing materials and syllabi for all our LAC courses and this is available, on request, to LAC faculty from any institution. UNC faculty and graduate students wishing to learn more about LAC or be involved in the program may read more on the official LAC website or contact Tanya Kinsella, Undergraduate Programs Coordinator, at

LAC Program Website