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When matched with the US, Japan, and China, Europe is generally considered an economic laggard in terms of the overall strength and competitiveness of its Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector. Since 2000, Europe has experienced erosion in its ICT competitiveness (PWC, 2004). In most high-growth ICT sub-sectors such as computer software, hardware, and Internet services, the US, Japan, and China consistently outperform European countries (WEF, 2004). Many experts attribute the growing ICT gap to the rising costs of European inputs, a declining skill base, and an uneven fiscal environment at the member state level. Other experts point to Europe's chronic shortage of entrepreneurs possessing the know-how to create Europe's next generation of global ICT enterprises.

  • European Union Response to Closing the ICT Gap
  • Lisbon Agenda 2010
  • i2010
  • Framework Programs for Research & Development
  • Industry Response
  • Main Centers of ICT Excellence
  • EU Performance in Specific ICT Sectors
  • Mobile Communications
  • VOIP
  • Broadband
  • Knowledge Enterprise: The Airbus Example

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