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North Carolina and the EU:
A Transatlantic Relationship

The European Union (EU) is North Carolina's largest trading partner after Canada. Whether measured in terms of total exports or just manufactures, data from the U.S. Office of Trade and Industry Information reveals that the EU accounts for more than 20 cents out of each dollar in North Carolina's exports. Moreover, North Carolina trades with all parts of the EU, not just the big countries like Britain, France, and Germany.  Indeed, while trade with the countries of Western Europe is large, trade with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe is growing fast. From 1999 to 2004, exports to Eastern Europe grew by almost 80 percent in straight dollar terms.  This includes a doubling in chemical manufactures, a near doubling in furniture and in electrical equipment, and a 150 percent increase in processed foods and other specialized non-metallic manufactures. The purpose of this series of briefs is to provide an overview of developments in the European Union for North Carolinians and for North Carolina business.

  • Structure and Timing 
  • Future Answers and Further Analysis


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