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Security - Internal and External

The European Union is an important actor on the world stage in economic and trade matters, yet it has historically lacked military power. Increasingly though, the EU is actively engaged in foreign, security, and even defense policies. With the creation of a common European Security and Defense Policy (ESDP) at the European Council summit in 1999, the European Union has for the first time in its history acquired the ability to deploy military force. These developments suggest that the EU is emerging as a significant political-military actor in international affairs. Key strengths of the EU include its crisis prevention and post-conflict reconstruction capabilities, borne out of its historical civilian power approach and forced into practice in the aftermath of the Balkan wars of the 1990s. There exists, however, a serious commitment-capabilities gap in security and defense matters, as EU governments so far have largely failed to match their rhetoric with actual military capabilities and necessary defense reforms.

  • The Path to a European Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
    • EU Police Coordination and Cooperation
    • EU Judicial Coordination and Cooperation
  • Counter-terrorism in the EU
    • Dilemmas of JHA Cooperation within the EU
  • The EU in the International Context of Combating Crime and Terrorism
    • Transatlantic Prospects: "Global War on Terror" vs. "The Fight against Terrorism"

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