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Europe as a Trading Partner:
European Steel Industry

2004 was the strongest year for the European steel industry for three decades. Not since the early 1970s has steel been in such short supply. The worldwide surge in steel demand caused markets in Europe to tighten greatly. Input costs rose sharply, in many cases to unprecedented heights. Needless to say, this drove steel prices up dramatically. The European steel industry can be understood only within the wider context of European integration. The first European Community was the Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), founded in l951 - the modern EU is built upon it.

  • European Steel Industry Value
  • Historic Role of the ECSC in European Integration
  • Overview of the European Steel Industry: Facts & Figures
  • World Steel Production
  • Top Steel Producers by Volume
  • Globalization of the European Steel Industry
  • Chinese Steel Imports: A looming trade war with China?


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