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The Kyoto Protocol and Global Climate Change: Towards a New Transatlantic Consensus?

There is now a broad scientific consensus that global climate change is fast becoming a reality. Recent studies, such as the Stern Review of the British government, have clearly demonstrated the enormous costs that could result should the international community fail to act. With the 2012 deadline for the Kyoto Protocol fast approaching, agreement on a post-Kyoto climate change regime has, therefore, become a pressing matter. However, any such regime is going to be ineffective, unless it is supported by both Europe and the United States. But, what are the chances for a new transatlantic consensus on climate change? And what are the major points on which the two transatlantic partners continue to remain apart?

  • The Kyoto Protocol and Global Climate Change
  • The US Position on Climate Change
  • The EU Position on Climate Change
  • Climate Change in the Post-Kyoto Era: Towards a Transatlantic Consensus?

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