Business Briefs

Life Sciences and Biotechnology:
The Transatlantic Divide

Life sciences and biotechnology have seen a rapid expansion over the last few years. Scientific advances in genetics and molecular biology and their combination with chemical engineering and new information technologies have begun to transform the industrial landscape of the transatlantic economy. These advances are having a lasting impact on a variety of economic sectors, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, industrial processing and agro-production. Indeed, many analysts are now talking about an emerging bio-economy that will be of increasing global economic significance in the future.

This brief will focus on the different industrial profile and political differences that characterize life sciences and biotechnology in the United States and Europe. Are these differences likely to lead to renewed regulatory and trade conflicts across the Atlantic, or will the future yield to a more integrated transatlantic “bio-economy”?

  • Biotechnology in Europe and the United States
  • Public Opinion and Regulatory Differences
  • The Impact of the Financial Crisis
  • Conclusion


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