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Transatlantic Investment: Towards a Transatlantic Marketplace?

Decades of mutual financial investment have led to the close integration of the transatlantic economies. At times, economic interdependence has led to disputes, based on regulatory differences or divergent legal traditions. In their attempt to smooth these disputes and reap added economic benefits, the transatlantic partners have committed themselves to create a fully-integrated transatlantic marketplace by 2015, promising to cement the dominance of EU-US relations in world markets. However, as the world is heading for its deepest recession in decades, fundamental questions are being raised about the sustainability of the transatlantic economy. This brief examines the role of transatlantic investment and the future of transatlantic economic ties.

  • Transatlantic Investment: General Trends
  • Transatlantic Disputes: the Result of Regulatory Differences?
  • Creating a Transatlantic Marketplace?
  • The Impact of the Economic Crisis


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