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NATO After the Russian Invasion

The military confrontation between Russia and Georgia in 2008 once again highlighted the deep divisions that have opened within NATO since the end of the Cold War. Although browbeaten into temporary solidarity in the face of the crisis, NATO is increasingly divided about its future role and missions. Much of this has to do with disagreements inside the alliance about how to best deal with a resurgent Russia. This briefing paper will focus in its core on NATO’s problematic relationship with Russia in the aftermath of the Georgia-Russia War of 2008. It will outline the existing divisions amongst NATO allies and the policy options for the new US administration.

  • NATO Enlargement: From the Atlantic to the Urals?
  • NATO-Russia Relations: Blowing Hot and Cold
  • Emerging Divisions: Still New Europe vs. Old Europe?
  • The Choices: Appeasement or Isolation?
  • Conclusion


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