Business Briefs

The Barroso II Commission

On February 9, 2010, the European Parliament voted in favor of a new European Commission under the leadership of José Manuel Barroso for the period 2010-2014. The Barroso II Commission has taken office in a precarious situation, characterized by global economic and financial instability and the EU’s protracted institutional transition towards post-Lisbon structures. Following the longest interregnum in the Union’s history, the new Commission now faces a daunting policy agenda and a number of burning issues. This brief reviews the developing role of the Commission following the Lisbon reforms and provides a short overview of the creation and composition of the Barroso II Commission and its major policy challenges.

  • The Commission after Lisbon
  • The Making of Barroso II
  • Portfolios and Personalities
  • Policy Challenges and Outlook
    • Economic Crisis
    • Financial Regulation
    • Climate Change
    • Budget
    • Energy


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