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The following briefs have been developed to provide concise information on special topics relevant to the European Union.

Click on a title for a summary page and link to download the document in PDF format.

1. The EU and East Central Europe : A Decade of Promotion of Democracy and Economic Development - The Cases of Hungary and Slovakia 2006
2. The EU Participation in Developing Civil Society in East Central Europe - The Cases of Hungary and Bulgaria 2006
3. Turkey: A Long Journey to Europe 2006
4. Turkey's Quest for EU Membership 2008
5. The EU-Russia Relationship: A Flawed Strategic Partnership 2008
6. Europe's Role in the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict 2008
7. Europe's Iran Diplomacy 2008
8. International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia 2006
9. The EU's Demographic Crisis 2008
10. Free Movement of Labor within the EU-27? 2008
11. European Energy Security 2006