August 2011

Date Friday, August 26, 2011

Banu Gökariksel
Professor Gökariksel

Time 12:00pm - 1:30pm
Location FedEx Global Education Center
Room 4003
UNC Chapel Hill
Type of Event Public Lecture
Title "Even I Was Tempted": The Moral Ambivalence and Ethical Practice of Veiling-Fashion in Turkey
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Public lecture by Banu Gökariksel, Assistant Professor of Geography and Global Studies at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Professor Gökariksel will discuss her research analyzing veiling-fashion as a commodity and how women grapple with the desires that this commodity invokes. Veiling-fashion, with its array of brands and ever-changing styles, has been on the rise in Turkey in the past decade. While the producers of these styles present them as the perfect melding of fashion and piety, our analysis of focus groups with consumers in Istanbul and Konya in 2009 shows that veiling-fashion is, in practice, rife with ambivalence. Veiling is undertaken in relation to the moral code of Islam, but fashion, as consumption, works as part of an ever-shifting economy of taste and distinction.

Part of the fall 2011 CES Friday Speaker Series. Light refreshments provided.