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Participant/Author   Paper title
Milan Bucek spacer UNC-CH Roundtable 1: Summary Slides | Powerpoint
P. Conway and R. Connolly spacer  Performance and Perception: Results form a Survey of US Textile Manufacturers | PDF
--> Powerpoint | "Performance and Perception: Results from a Survey of U.S. Textile Manufacturers"
Y. Evans and A. Smith spacer

Creative Destruction: De-industrialisation or a 'Fashion Capital for the Creative Industries' in London? | Word
--> Figure 1- UK Imports | PDF
--> Powerpoint | "Creative Destruction: De-industrialisation
or a ‘Fashion Capital for the Creative Industries’ in London"

S. Frost spacer Here to stay: An overview of corporate social responsibility in China | Word
G. Gereffi-UNIDO spacer The Global Apparel Value Chain | PDF (background paper)
--> Powerpoint | "Europe and Global Value Chains"
--> Powerpoint | "Industrial Adjustment in the North Carolina Textile and Clothing Industry"
M. Knappe spacer Textiles and Clothing uncertainties before and after the
quota phase-out -- Revised | Word
--> Powerpoint | "Textiles and Clothing Uncertainties For Developing Countries (DCs). Will T&C trade become more complicated?"
M. Knappe spacer Position paper: ITCs technical assistance approach for the
Textile and Clothing Sector | Word
--> Powerpoint | "Trade in Textiles and Clothing. Eastern Europe and Developing County Clothing Manufacturers and Competitiveness after 2005"
T. Mangieri spacer African cloth, export production, and secondhand clothing | Word
B. Neidik and G. Gereffi   Trade Liberalization and Export Performance: Explaining Turkey's Emergence and New Role as a Full-Package Supplier in the Global Textile and Apparel Value Chain | Word
--> Powerpoint | "Turkey’s Emergence as a Full-Package Supplier in the Apparel Value Chain"
F. Palpacuer spacer --> Paper (Word) | The global sourcing patterns of French clothing retailers: Determinants and implications for suppliers' industrial upgrading.
--> Paper (Word) | New challenges for developing country suppliers in global clothing chains:A comparative European perspective"
A. Smith, J. Pickles, R. Begg, P. Roukova, and M. Bucek spacer

Upgrading the East European Apparel Industry: Outsourcing and the 'Embedded Geographies' of Production | Word
--> Powerpoint | "Global Apparel/Clothing Europe: Introduction"
--> Powerpoint | "Comparative Perspectives on Trade Liberalization and Production Networks in the New European Clothing Industry"
--> Powerpoint | "Upgrading the East European Apparel Industry: Outsourcing and the ‘Embedded Geographies’ of Production"
--> Powerpoint | "The Garage Firms of Haskovo: A Preliminary Description of an Apparel District"

I. Taplin   Restructuring and Reconfiguration: EU Textiles and Clothing Industry in Transition Word: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
--> Powerpoint | "Restructuring and reconfiguration: EU T/C industry in transition"
D. Weil, F. Abernathy, A. Volpe (Harvard Center for Textile and Apparel Research). The Apparel and Textile World after 2005: Prospects and Choices | PDF
David Weil (Boston University/Harvard University)  Public Enforcement/Private Monitoring: Evaluating a New
Approach to Regulating the Minimum Wage | PDF
© All papers are works in progress and may not be reproduced or cited without the express permission of the author




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