"Teaching Business German: A Toolbox"
UNC Chapel Hill
September 18, 2010

This workshop will introduce area graduate students and instructors of German to the skills necessary for teaching a business language class. The ability to create and teach practical, professional language classes has been proven to be a valuable asset once doctoral candidates of foreign language departments enter the job market. Business German teaching experience, specifically, has been a strong selling point for recent academic appointments. Participants will receive a certificate at the end of the workshop.

The main instructor of the workshop, Dr. Bettina Cothran of Georgia Tech University, is an internationally known trainer for teachers of Business German and one of the foremost authorities in the field.

Dr. Sandra Summers, co-instructor of the workshop, will offer participants instructions on how to administer two international business language tests: the Deutsch als Fremdsprache in der Wirtschaft (WiDaF) and the Zertifikat Deutsch für den Beruf (ZDfB).

The keynote speaker for the workshop luncheon will be Dr. Carol Seagle, director of research for the Center for Sustainable Enterprise. The title for the (English language) keynote lecture is "Sustainability Policy and Practice in the German Context."

Goals of the workshop are: networking; instructing graduate students; improving graduate students' employment options; and working toward creating a framework to better serve undergraduate students, the university, and the community. Most workshop sessions will be held in German.

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