Workshop Instructor

Bettina F. Cothran (Ph.D., University of Wuppertal) is Professor of German. Her area of specialization is Languages for Special Purposes, particularly German for Business and Technology. She serves as Director of the Summer Intensive Program LBAT (Languages for Business and Technology)in Germany, as Director of the International Plan for Modern Languages, and advisor for the German group. She is the editor of the "Handbook for German in Business and Technology" (1994)and "The Global Connection: Issues in Business German,"(2004) as well as co-editor of the volume "Languages and Culture Out of Bounds: Discipline-Blurred Perspectives on the Foreign Language Classroom." (2006)

Dr. Cothran has published numerous articles on literary topics and language teaching, especially in the area of languages for professional purposes. She has developed teaching materials, including computer-interactive modules, and is a frequent conference speaker and regularly organizes workshops on the regional and national level. Dr. Cothran received Georgia Tech's Outstanding Teacher of the Year award in 1993, the AATG Georgia Professor of the Year Award in 1991 and 2001 and the Roe E. Stamps Outstanding Teacher Award in 2004. She is active in the AATG both on the state and the national level, having served on a number of boards and national committees. She is also Director of the Key Center of Business German for the Southeast and regularly administers the examinations for the International Business German Diploma.