Tableau of euro banknotes

About Euro Economics

Euro Economics is an introduction to economics written through the lens of the European Union. The European Union is a collection of 27 European member states, 16 of which are economically interlinked through the use of a single currency, the euro, making the EU an ideal starting point for learning the principles of economics.

For teachers this site can act as an introduction or a refresher to economics, to incorporate economics concepts and material into your classes.

For students this site can provide a jumping off point for learning about economics, either on your own or ideally in a study group.

Motivated teachers and students may be interested in participating in the Euro Challenge competition. The Euro Challenge is and exciting educational opportunity for high school students to learn about the economic aspects of the European Union. Student teams are asked to make presentations answering specific questions about the European economy and the EU's single currency, the euro. In addition to being a great educational experience, winning teams and their teachers travel to Washington, D.C. to compete at the top level for prize money.

Euro Economics was developed by the Center for European Studies at the University of North Carolina.

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