The Euro Major: Study Abroad

Comprehensive understanding of the forces shaping contemporary Europe requires experiential cultural knowledge and functional foreign language proficiency, in addition to academic study. EURO majors are therefore strongly encouraged to participate in full-immersion study abroad programs that enable them to attend regular university courses in the target language, along with students from the host country.

UNC’s Study Abroad Office offers well over 100 academic year, semester, and summer programs in Western Europe.  Visit their webpage to perform a comprehensive search of available programs by multiple criteria, including location, language, term, and cost.  Students are encouraged to make an appointment with the appropriate study abroad advisor for assistance in selecting and applying for programs.

Below is a brief selection of programs especially appropriate for students majoring in Contemporary European Studies. Check back for regular updates.

Full-Immersion Foreign Language Programs


Sciences-Po (Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris)

Year, Spring

Universite Jean Moulin (Lyon)

Year, Spring


Eberhard-Karls-Universitaet (Tuebingen)

Year, Spring

UNC-EP/B-W: University of Konstanz

Year, Spring

English-Language Programs


EU Studies Summer Program in Brussels



King's College Exchange (London)

Year, Fall, Spring

London School of Economics


London School of Economics - Summer


University of Essex (Colchester)

Year, Spring


Central European University (Budapest)

Year, Fall, Spring


University College Dublin

Year, Fall, Spring